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HAGIWARA ELECTRIC HOLDINGS CO., LTD. ("the Company") understands that it is the Company's fundamental responsibility to manage its customers' personal information in an appropriate manner, recognizing the importance of such information. The Company has therefore established the Privacy Policy set forth below prescribing how the Company will handle its customers' personal information on this website administered by the Company, and promises to handle such information in accordance with this policy.
Also, the Company shall carry out education and training for employees regarding the appropriate handling of personal information, etc., and shall work hard to ensure that personal information is thoroughly protected.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information refers to information such as addresses, names, phone numbers, email addresses, and other descriptions provided by customers via the Company's website from which customers can be individually identified, or other information unique to each customer.

Collecting Personal Information

When collecting personal information from customers via the Company's website, the Company will, in principle, do so based on the intention of the customer in providing such information. The Company will use personal information collected from customers only for the intended purposes identified in advance. If customers do not wish to provide personal information to the Company, they can refuse to do so at their own discretion. In such cases, please note that some of the services provided on the Company's website may not be available.

Intended Purposes of Using Personal Information

The Company shall use the personal information provided by its customers only for the intended purposes and in the cases set forth below.
If it becomes necessary to use personal information for a purpose other than those stated below, the Company shall notify the relevant customers of this by sending an advisory document via electronic mail, facsimile, or other means, and acquire their consent before doing so.

  1. customers agree to the intended purposes;
  2. to respond to the content of inquires received regarding the Company's business;
  3. to send customers notifications to provide them with information, such as about the Company's new products and exhibitions;
  4. to contact customers about system maintenance, etc. related to this service;
  5. customers' personal information is used in such a way that it cannot identify an individual (such as in statistical documents and questionnaires);
  6. the Company otherwise recognizes the need for it.

Disclosing Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company will, in principle, disclose no personal information provided by its customers to any third party except as follows:

  1. customers agree to the intended purposes;
  2. the Company discloses or provides personal information in its entirety or in part to third parties (group companies, business partners, partner companies, contractors, etc.) only for the intended purposes described above;
  3. the Company anonymizes its customers' personal information as statistical data in such a way that the data itself does not identify an individual;
  4. such information is requested or required to be disclosed or provided by laws and regulations, etc.

Postscript (note): Once customers' personal information has been provided to a third party, the personal information provided to that third party is deemed to be in possession of that third party. Both the Company and third parties have and observe their own policies for handling and protecting customers' personal information and take no responsibility for the other party's handling of such personal information.

Direct Marketing

The Company may communicate directly with its customers by email or post only for the intended purposes described above. However, if customers do not wish to receive these direct communications, they can stop receiving them by contacting the Company.

Viewing, Modifying or Deleting Personal Information

If customers wish to view, modify or delete the personal information that they have provided to the Company, they are requested to contact the Company by email. The address can be found on the Contact Us page. Once the Company has confirmed that the person making the request is the customer himself/herself, his/her personal information will be disclosed, modified, or deleted within a reasonable time.

Managing Personal Information

The Company's website administrator carefully manages and retains the personal information that its customers have provided and takes appropriate measures against the potential risks of any leak, diversion, alteration, or loss of such personal information. Additionally, when the Company is collecting personal information from its customers, it makes every effort to implement reasonable and appropriate safety measures to prevent unauthorized third party access to such information.

Use of Cookies

The Company's website may use cookies.
Cookies are small pieces of information that are issued to customers' computer hard disks from the Company's web server when customers visit the Company's website. While cookies are capable of identifying the computers that the Company's customers are using, they are unable to identify individuals. It is possible for customers to configure their web browsers to reject cookies. Note, however, that they may not be able to use the Company' website properly in this case.

Protecting Personal Information on Linked Websites

The Company is unable to take responsibility for the protection of personal information on websites linked from the Company's website. Customers who are concerned about how personal information is protected on linked websites are requested to personally check the privacy policies of those linked websites.

Contact Us

If you have any inquiries regarding personal information, please contact us by using the contact information below, or by using our e-mail form.

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