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Creating the Future with New Value

I assumed the position of president and representative director of Hagiwara Electric Holdings Co., Ltd. on June 29, 2021.

Ever since the time of our founding, the Hagiwara Electric Group has been committed to providing solutions mainly in the field of electronics that are optimal for each industry, with a focus on the manufacturing industry and the automobile industry in particular, through our management philosophy of “Creativity and Ambition.”

In the business environment in which our group has recently found itself, we are entering an era of great change that offers both the chance for business expansion — through the acceleration of digital transformations and the expansion of CASE in automobile-related domains — as well as risks due to increasingly intense competition that transcends industry boundaries. We are also expected to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society by working to solve societal and environmental issues.

In the midst of such a business environment, the topic we are focusing our attention on is the creation of new value that is not bound by conventional values. Starting in fiscal year 2021, we have established being “a solution design company that is creating the future through advanced electronics” as our management vision, and we have launched a new medium-term management plan called “Make New Value 2023.”

This new medium-term management plan incorporates three main concepts. First, we will become a corporate group that can create and provide new value for the mobility society of the future and for the manufacturing industry of the future by leveraging the technology and expertise that the Hagiwara Electric Group has cultivated over its history spanning more than 70 years and through its collaboration with customers and partners. Second, we will actively take on the challenge of new industries and new business domains without being limited to conventional business domains, evolving into a corporate group that can provide value both now and in the future through agile measures and policies. Third, we will promote SDGs and ESG management, contributing to the achievement of a sustainable society with the aim of becoming the preferred corporate group of all stakeholders.

Please be excited about the Hagiwara Electric Group.

Representative Director,President

Moritaka Kimura

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