Corporate History


Mar 1948 Hagiwara Denki Kogyosha founded.
Aug 1956 Distribution agreement concerning electronic devices concluded with NEC Corporation.
Dec 1958 Hagiwara Denki Kogyosha Co., Ltd. founded.
Apr 1959 Distribution agreement concerning electronic components concluded with NEC Corporation, and wholesale division selling electronic components established.
Feb 1965 Company name changed to Hagiwara Electric Co., Ltd.
Jul 1966 Tokyo branch office established (currently Tokyo Branch).
Feb 1970 Nagoya factory construction completed in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi.
Aug 1973 Capital participation agreement concluded with Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
Jun 1977 NEC Bit-INN, Nagoya established.


Dec 1980 Mie System INN, NEC Microcomputer Shop established.
Aug 1981 Construction of new Nagoya factory (currently Nisshin Office) completed in Nisshin-cho, Aichi-gun, Aichi (currently known as Nisshin-shi), to replace factory in Nagoya-shi.
Oct 1982 Toyota sales office established.
Mar 1984 Gate Array Center established.
Jun 1985 Hamamatsu sales office established.
Apr 1991 Mikawa branch established.
Jul 1991 Network Systems Center established.
Apr 1993 Kyushu sales office established.
Oct 1995 Initial public offering of shares (on market currently known as JASDAQ Market)
Apr 1996 Singapore local subsidiary established.
Aug 1998 Miyoshi office established.


Dec 2003 Kansai branch office established.
Oct 2006 USA local subsidiary established.
Oct 2006 China local subsidiary established.
Jun 2011 Korea local subsidiary established.
May 2012 Data Center established.
Oct 2012 Germany local subsidiary established.
Mar 2014 Listed stock exchange changed to Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd Section.
Listed on Nagoya Stock Exchange 2nd Section.
Sep 2014 Thailand local subsidiary established.
Nov 2014 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Section and Nagoya Stock Exchange 1st Section.
Jan 2016 Kansai branch established.
Apr 2018

Company name changed to Hagiwara Electric Holdings Co., Ltd., and status changed to holding company.

Hagiwara Hokuto Techno Co., Ltd. established.

Aug 2018

X-Base Co., Ltd. established.

Nov 2019

India local subsidiary established.

Apr 2022

Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market and Nagoya Stock Exchange Premier Market.

Sep 2022

Acquires OSAKI ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. and changes its name to Hagiwara Engineering Co., Ltd.

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