Technology Solutions Business Supporting the Digital Society of the Future

Toward a Digital Society Transformed by Data and Technology:
Expanding the Possibilities of the Future Through Digital Transformation

We provide solutions for achieving a connected society by integrating and developing the measurement and digitalization technologies that we have cultivated in the manufacturing field, and for achieving the digital transformations that will lead to the digital society of the future.

Business Domains

  • Factories

  • Social Infrastructure

  • IT Infrastructure

  • Medicine and Healthcare

Solutions for Every Area

IT Solutions
  • Digital Transformation (DX)
  • Security
  • Data Centers
  • Cloud
  • IT Platforms
  • Original Packages
Product Solutions
  • Embedded Platforms
  • Embedded Devices
  • Original Products
Measurement and FA Solutions
  • Measurement Solutions
  • FA Solutions

Features of Technology Solutions Business

1. Trading Company with Manufacturing Functions

Partnerships with a variety of manufacturers and our own manufacturing function

In addition to the major manufacturers we have been working with for many years, we also actively collaborate with leading manufacturers across the globe. We assist our customers in finding state-of-the-art technologies and products that suit them. We also have a manufacturing arm where we develop and manufacture our own original products. We resolve the issues faced by our customers through our commitment to quality and meticulous support.

2. Achievements in Industry

A wealth of achievements at auto factories and other production sites especially in the Chubu region

The Chubu region is where many world-class automobile manufacturers and automobile parts manufacturers have their production bases. The region is also playing host to an increasing number of companies engaged in manufacturing equipment for production facilities such as machine tools. Headquartered in Nagoya—the heart of the Chubu—the Hagiwara Electric Group has a proven track record in production site-related business. We are also leveraging these achievements to develop a wide range of solutions in various other fields such as IT and security.

3. Looking Ahead and Being a Pioneer

Using our technological strengths stay new and on trend

From selling computers and servers to building networks and IT platforms, we have always used state-of-the-art and trending technologies such as measurement solutions that support model-based development. We will continue to use our proven, extensive technological resources to seek new technologies that will form the foundation of the next generation.

4. Promoting Digital Transformation and Creating New Value

Delivering new value in the data-driven digital integration and factory integration services market

We are able to utilize our experience in IT, embedded devices, measurement, and other aspects of factory automation (FA) in order to import data from various machines and objects. We create new value by processing the data we collect into meaningful information and promoting digital transformation.

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