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The digital revolution has finally begun to change the nature of the automobile. We help to solve our customers’ problems by providing new services based on our many years of experience in the automotive industry.

Business Domains

Supporting the Latest Innovations

Internal vehicle devices

The safety and comfort of one’s car is paramount to a relaxed and enjoyable driving experience. We handle a diverse selection of electronic devices that support these developments. What’s more, our team is equipped to provide a personalized experience with advanced device solutions. Our specialists are experienced in developing new cutting-edge products that are customized and tailored to suit your company’s needs.

Embedded software development

With the increasing usage of electronics in vehicles, the demand for microcontrollers has increased. To meet this ever increasing demand, we are developing improved software to advance the quality and performance of automotive microcontrollers.

Supporting the Evolution of Industry

Devices for industry and social infrastructure

As automation and motorization expand, so too does the technology used in our daily lives. The electronic devices we supply support these developments and allow us to respond quickly to our customers’ needs in a variety of fields even as the global demand outgrows production.

Features of Electronic Devices Business

1. The Hagiwara of Cars

A wealth of achievements in the automotive industry especially in the Chubu region

The Hagiwara Electric Group is based in Nagoya, where the world’s top automobile and auto parts manufacturers are located. When the Hagiwara Electric Group was founded, we put down roots in the Chubu region, where we have been able to create and foster close relationships with our customers. These relationships have been cultivated over many years and at their cores are built on trust. This has allowed us to gather the latest knowledge about industry trends as well as accumulate the latest and most advanced technology available with which the cars of the future will be fashioned.

2. The Hagiwara of Solutions

Established partnerships with global leaders and drivers of growth

The partnerships we promote are those that will benefit our customers and provide us the tools to resolve any issues they might face. With a focus on long-established global brands, we are always in pursuit of manufacturers who will be the leaders of the next generation. This commitment to coordinating and selecting only the best assists us in providing our customers with most innovative solutions available.

3. The Hagiwara of Technological Strengths

Our efforts in the field of hardware development and EMS/ODM

In recent years, semiconductors such as LSIs with integrated functionality have become mainstream. The Hagiwara Electric Group utilizes its technological strengths to support the functional development of semiconductors as well as the incorporation of “plus alpha” functions into general purpose products. Due to our advancements in software creation and design, we are able to provide electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and original design manufacturing (ODM).

4. The Hagiwara That Is Everywhere in Society

A presence in multiple fields including industry, robots, housing equipment, and nursing care

Device solutions from the Hagiwara Electric Group are utilized in factories to accelerate factory automation (FA). Additionally, our solutions are used in both the housing equipment field and the nursing care field. Our cutting-edge inventory of electronic components and ability to propose solutions support automation and motorization, bringing more convenience to our lives.

Our Product Lineup

Our strong partnerships with globally competitive electronic device manufacturers allow us to offer state-of-the-art electronic devices. We also provide optimal device solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers by collaborating with manufacturers both in Japan and across the globe.

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