Technological Base Supporting Hagiwara Electric Technologies

Creating new value in society with the power of technology

From development of original component technologies to applied technology and cutting-edge technology, we actively pursue new potential and functional diversity in addition to seeking new technologies.
We create new value in society by being responsive to the expanding markets of many different industries, while at the same time, using our strengths to support the business of Hagiwara Electric Group.

Hagiwara Electric's Strengths

  • Hagiwara Electric's Strengths

Our strength lies in the ability to use our technological advantages to resolve the issues faced by our customers and alleviate their difficulties. Our technologies are largely divided into support technology and development technology, the source of which is our component technology and experience.

Electronic products are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and the specifications of products in our lineup and customer needs are now more complex than ever. It is no longer sufficient to simply offer products. What is needed now is the ability to support all the technical aspects of a customer’s project by utilizing expertise in each field of the customer’s business.

Our proven track record and the experience we have honed in many fields give us a competitive advantage. We have the ability to gather information from suppliers and customers, which can be used as a bridge so that the products meet the requirements. By finding a way to actualize solutions to problems, we can support our customers’ product development and help their business succeed. Our ability to solve problems is the technological strength of the Hagiwara Electric Group.

This technological strength is used to solve our customers' issues and serves as a foundation for the entire Hagiwara Electric Group. By further enhancing our technological strength, we will continue to provide new value to our customers and society.

Our Technologies

Examples of Support Technologies

Support for Component Selection

  • Introduction of new products from manufacturing partners
  • Provision of the latest product information and technical trends
  • Assistance in new product evaluation and comparative evaluation of parts

Development Support for Customers

  • Support for advance development of embedded systems
  • Support for development of embedded software and hardware mass production
  • Support for constructing IT and other systems (system integrator)
  • Introduction of partner companies that can perform development and evaluation

Support for Failure Analysis

  • Cooperation in failure classification, reproduction testing and analysis
  • Follow up on failure analysis in collaboration with manufacturing partners

Examples of Development Technologies

Contracted Development of Embedded Systems

  • Embedded software development and evaluation
  • Development of embedded system hardware
  • Circuit design and evaluation of system LSIs and ICs

Contracted Development Related to IT Solutions

  • IoT-related system development
  • System development for production management systems, etc.
  • Construction of various FA and measurement systems

Establishment of Evaluation Environments and Contracted Development of Component Technologies for Automated Driving and Other Systems

  • Acquisition of car driving video and data tagging
  • Image processing that can be applied to electronic mirrors and peripheral monitoring
  • Implementation of new algorithms in embedded systems

Component Technologies and Experience Supporting the Above

  • Knowledge of and applied technologies for analog and power devices
  • Knowledge of system LSIs and applied technologies for installed software
  • Active engagement with new technologies such as OTA
  • Development and quality control of embedded systems
  • Knowledge such as the quality required for semiconductors and electronic parts for automotive applications
  • Applied technologies for motor control, power regulation and communications
  • Development of 3D and other HMI technologies and knowledge of related tools
  • Technologies for evaluating MCAL and BSW
  • Knowledge of and applied technologies for microcontrollers and memory
  • Experience related to model-based development (MBD)
  • Knowledge of ICs and LSIs and experience in developing incorporated IP
  • Experience in constructing IT, IoT and other systems

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