Environmental Initiatives

The Hagiwara Electric Group promotes actions to realize a sustainable society, understanding that the products and services the Group provides to its customers must help to protect the environment and reduce the environmental impact of society as a whole.

Today, the global-level destruction of the environment due to global warming, industrial waste and other human activities is not only apparent; there is concern that it will become much worse. We must engage in more serious efforts to ensure that the 21st century society is one that enables sustainable development. Awareness of environmental concerns is increasing, as can be seen by the enactment of laws for the realization of a recycling-oriented society, and the popularity of eco funds and green procurement.
The Hagiwara Electric Group is at the forefront of these social movements. We are taking on the challenge of creating a society full of hope, where nature and humans can coexist in harmony, by using advanced electronics technologies such as IT and networks to realize broad communication and an advanced information society. As part of this challenge, we recognize that it is our social responsibility to continuously and systematically promote environmental conservation activities. We are currently engaged in promoting EMS activities based on our ISO 14001–certified environmental management system.

In terms of chemical substances harmful not only to the human body but also to the global environment, we understand the importance of managing harmful chemical substances contained in products and used in production processes, as well as chemical substances contained in parts that compose the sets supplied to our client companies. We are also engaged in creating mechanisms for the smooth disclosure and notification of chemical substances contained in products across the supply chain.

The Hagiwara Electric Group, in its business activities, remains committed to preserving and improving the global environment so as to realize a sustainable society, and will continue making valuable contributions to society in this area.

President and Representative Director

Mitsuo Iwai

Environmental Policies

Basic Philosophy

The Development & Production Division of Hagiwara Techno Solutions Co., Ltd. identifies environmental protection as major concern and takes steps in all aspects of its business activities to help preserve the global environment.

Five Policies

1. Promotion of Environmental Protection Initiatives

We make every effort to save energy, conserve resources and control waste in our business activities so as to preserve and improve the environment. We also supply eco-friendly green products.

2. Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations

We comply with related environmental laws and regulations and other necessary requirements.

3. Promotion of Ongoing Improvement Initiatives

We have built an environmental management system and focus on achieving our environmental objectives and goals. We conduct a yearly review to promote ongoing improvements.

4. Promotion of Environment Awareness

We proactively educate every single employee about the environment to increase their awareness of environmental issues.

5. Disclosure of Our Environmental Policies

We make our environmental policies known to all employees at every level.
We publicly disclose our environmental policies without reserve if requested by outside entities.

ISO 14001 Certification

The Development & Production Division of Hagiwara Techno Solutions Co., Ltd. has obtained ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management systems.

  • Environment Management System Certificate
  • Environment Management System Appendix
First Registration Date March 3, 2006
Certified Office

Development & Production Division, Nisshin Office: 7
Shimokofukada, Asada-cho, Nisshin-shi, Aichi, Japan

Certified Activities Design, development and manufacture of industrial electronic and information devices
Certification Registration Number JQA-EM5217
Certification / Registration Body Japan Quality Assurance Organization

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