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Supporting our customers' best practices as only Hagiwara Electric can.

From the beginning, the Hagiwara Electric Group has been a global supplier of one-stop solutions, contributing to the field of electronic solutions through our management philosophy of "Creativity and Ambition."

We sell semiconductors and electronic parts mainly for in-vehicle use, propose IT, FA and IoT solutions, and deploy our technical support and services on a global scale. These are the three pillars upon which our business was founded by our hardworking and pioneering predecessors, who never stopped seeking cutting-edge technologies that would meet the needs of their customers.

We have never wanted to be just a trading company, just a distributor, or just a sales rep.
We make it our job to deeply understand the fields in which our customers do business so that we can provide optimal products and solutions that include everything the customer needs. We sometimes sit next to the developers working at our customers' companies so that we can act as a bridge between the customer's requirements and the manufacturer. This is something that only our company—a technology trading company—can do: we can add new value to products and technologies. I don't like to sing our own praises, but I've been told by an industry leader in Japan that we are irreplaceable.

Innovation does not happen in a continuous straight line. There will come a time when companies will compete against or partner with others in areas that they did not imagine.
Electronic manufacturers and technology companies are already emerging as competitors of automobile manufacturers. This is not limited to the automotive industry; it can happen to any industry. In other words, success today does not automatically lead to business tomorrow.

To respond to this rapidly changing environment, in April 2018, we changed to a holding company structure so that we could provide optimum decision-making and services in each of our focus areas and achieve flexible growth. From Hagiwara Electric Holdings Co., Ltd., we established two operating companies, Hagiwara Electronics Co., Ltd. and Hagiwara Techno Solutions Co., Ltd.

Hagiwara Electronics constantly pursues new areas while continuing to provide support in this transformative period for the automotive industry.
Hagiwara Techno Solutions is committed to realizing traceability in factory IoT and bringing efficiencies to the manufacturing factory floor.

The overriding mission of Hagiwara Electric Holdings is to administer each operating company with an emphasis on corporate governance. Other key missions include nurturing next-generation businesses in new cross-industry fields, which is something that cannot be achieved by the individual operating companies. We will also look at establishing new group operating companies as our understanding of where society is heading in the next ten years becomes clearer. We have a very big dream.

We believe that delegating authority to the site and speeding up decision-making can contribute even more to our customers' best practices. At the same time, I am a little old-fashioned. I believe in giving back; in return for the opportunities I have been given, I am committed to giving my all for my customers.
Expect great things from the Hagiwara Electric Group as we spread our wings and fly from Chubu to the world.

President and Representative Director

Mitsuo Iwai

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