Hagiwara Electric makes proactive contributions to sustainable growth within society and globally.

Hagiwara Electric Group (Hagiwara Electric Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries) sets forth "Creativity and Ambition" as their philosophy. Also, it aims to "fulfill their social responsibility as good business people" while tackling daily challenges of innovation in the electronics industry that is witnessing remarkable technological advances. Hagiwara Electric takes increasing public interest in CSR seriously, and makes proactive contributions to sustainable growth of society and around the globe.

To move forward with these CSR initiatives, we have established "Hagiwara Electric Group Corporate Code of Behavior" and "Hagiwara Electric Group Corporate Code of Conduct" that every single executive and employee (all those involved in Hagiwara Electric's business activities) should adhere to as a Hagiwara Electric Group employee in day-to-day operations. Hagiwara Electric Group is making an effort to raise awareness within the organization through these codes of behavior and conduct.

Hagiwara Electric Group Corporate Code of Behavior (Established: December 2005)

Hagiwara Electric Group improves its profitability through sound business activities and aims to return its profits to progressive developments and society. To make it happen, we not only comply with related laws but also make contributions to society as good business people. We strive to earn trust from all those involved, including our stockholders/investors, our customers who are also our good partners, our employees, and our community, so that we can increase our corporate value and take a proactive approach.

1.Customer Satisfaction
We provide useful products, items, and services that exactly match the market needs, satisfy our customers, and earn their trust.
2.Challenging Spirit
We continue to strive for further improvements on our part on a daily basis and tackle new challenges by trying to be imaginative and creative and at the same time overcoming the fear of making mistakes.
3.Fair and Proper Corporate Activities
We conduct our corporate activities in accordance with laws, social norms, and good social sense and have no relation with any individual or group that disturbs social order or hinders sound business activities.
4.Proper Accounting Procedures
In performing all financial and accounting processes, we adhere to related laws and corporate codes to completely leave out any possible unclear and opaque bookkeeping and have an effective internal audit system in place, so that we have accurate and proper accounting procedures in place.
5.Company Information Delivery
We control our company information in an appropriate manner, disclose such information in the proper way and at the right time, and increase the transparency of our business activities.
6.Global Environment Preservation
We make every effort to preserve the global environment through all our business activities and make contributions to a sustainable development of society.
7.Social Contributions/Keeping on Good Terms with Our Community
We make contributions to society through our business activities, keep close cooperation and stay on good terms with our community, and aim to be good business people.
8.Respect for Human Rights
We respect individual differences, personality, and characteristics, make no racial, or gender discriminations against anyone, and abuse no human rights. We also condemn any child or forced labor practices.
9.Respect for Our Employees
We respect each employee's personality and characteristics and make the workplace a welcoming, attractive and comfortable place.
10.Information Resource Control
We fully recognize our own and others' intellectual property and rights and use those in a fair and proper manner. We also have proper control of information resources including privacy information, customer information, and trade secret information.
11.Making Known and Strictly Observing This Code and Handling Problems
The person responsible for each organization including top management recognizes the core of this code is significant to management and operational continuity and growth of Hagiwara Electric Group, behaves as a role model to maintain the internal system, and tries to advise this code to their peers. In case a grave situation against this code occurs, top management itself tries to solve the problem and takes preventive measures against recurrence of such situations. It also imposes a severe punishment on those involved as well as itself.