Headquarters Annex


Location 2-2-1, Higashisakura, Higashi Ward, Nagoya City
Managing Director Mitsuo Iwai
Date of Establishment March 31, 1948
Capital 3,301.2161 million yen (as of March, 2017)
First-tier security market 1st Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
1st Section of Nagoya Stock Exchange
Revenue (consolidated) 101.7 billion yen (for the year ended March, 2017)
Employees (consolidated) 499 (as of March, 2017) * Temporary employees excluded
President and Representative Director
Mitsuo Iwai
Senior Executive Vice President
Yoshihiko Miura
Yoji Fukushima
Executive Vice President
Takehiko Mori
Senior Vice President
Kazunari Shiraki
Tomoaki Hagiwara
Audit & Supervisory Committee Member
Shoji Suzuki
Wataru Sahashi
Osamu Tsujinaka
Kikuo Kawawaki
Senior Executive Officer
Tetsuo Okayama
Shigenobu Ishikawa
Fumihiko Yamada
Executive Officer
Keizo Miyamoto
Yoshihiro Hirakawa
Takeshi Soejima
Moritaka Kimura
Yasuaki kato
Toru Sahashi
Honorary Chairman Yoshiaki Hagiwara
Products & Services 1. Electron Device Business Unit
Sale of integrated circuits, semiconductors and electron devices
2. IT Solution Business Unit
Sale of electronic equipment and manufacture and sale of FA

About the Company Logo

the Company Logo

The word "i" in the Hagiwara Electric logo depicts "a person (or employee)".
The circle around the "person" is an image of relationships among people. That is, the "company organization," our "customers," and our bonding with employees' families.
The Hagiwara Electric logo represents a company that holds an important standing to society.