Founded in 1948 as a company specializing in the production and repair of wireless devices, Hagiwara Electric has maintained its stance as a manufacturer oriented to engineering capabilities. Hagiwara currently pursues a triple-tiered strategy, engaging in the provision of electron devices, IT solution, and development and production as a trading firm/manufacturer. We are dedicated to the marketing of automotive semiconductors and electronic components, proposal of IT solutions, FA, measurement, and miscellaneous system solutions. The original offerings we develop, manufacture and market incorporate unique characteristics and features not available elsewhere. The three tiers allow us to comply with demands in business areas ranging from single devices to modules, equipment, and entire systems. A major feature of our business proposals is that Hagiwara products and measurement/control equipment are field-tested and proven first from the user perspective, within our corporate manufacturing facilities.

Hagiwara Electric is now attempting to expand the handling of merchandise and technologies to further enhance the scope of its "device-to-system" product lineup. With the evolution of globalization, customer requirements are diversifying and becoming more sophisticated. Support for moderately priced automobiles and household appliances with limited functionality in developing nations is a facet of this diversification. Hagiwara Electric aims to comply with varying demands in every marketplace spanning devices and systems, proposing best-practice from a multitude of options ranging from state-of-the-art technology to commoditized products. We hope to become a "global supplier of one-stop solutions" in the field of electronics -- and are striving to pioneer new merchandise and technologies, creating new businesses to achieve this goal.

IoT related business is one field worthy of special attention. Although new, this is known territory along the extension of our conventional technologies. Simply put, manufacturing-related IoT business is actually a reinvention of the Factory Automation technologies fostered within our firm for the past 30 years. Furthermore, automotive IoT is strongly affiliated with "automobile connectivity," "vehicle safety/security" and the materialization of self-driving automobiles. We are currently proceeding with research and development of relevant technologies, including image recognition. We are sufficiently prepared to expand our business into other domains, with a steady gaze on the arrival of the age of the Internet of Things.

We believe three factors will become the driving forces in achieving our goal.
Firstly, our organization has the "Technology Center," amassing the ingenuity of engineers from three business domains and leading our corporate technical capabilities through the proposal of new technologies and advanced development.
Secondly, our "global locations" deployed in seven countries, which provide service, support, and marketing to customers worldwide through local representatives and engineers.
Lastly, our "data center" offering cloud-based services and data backup in the event of disasters, while serving as an archive for big data in preparation for the practical application of IoT technology.
Along with our established three tiers of business, we hope to achieve consolidated sales of 120 billion yen in fiscal year 2019 through the steady enhancement of the three driving forces noted above.

Hagiwara Electric is committed to its inauguration philosophy of "Creativity and Ambition", and is not idly basking in existing businesses and previous successes. We sincerely ask for your continuing support of our efforts.

President and Representative Director
Mitsuo Iwai