To take the initiative with our customers in an increasingly global society, we offer them the right device solutions.

This commercial division sells electron devices and offers development services. By taking our customers' perspective and we can propose the right device solution to help them produce products that allow them to flourish in the global market.
We greatly assist our customers as an one-stop supplier through our overall manufacturing capabilities in all processes of creating devices and solutions from product development to supply, such as design, preproduction, debugging, and delivery.

Business Activities / Areas

Electron Devices Distribution

Electron Devices Distribution

As things are becoming increasingly digital and networked in all aspects of life, products and services are shifting from partial optimization to full optimization to materialize the change into a connected and technological society. We are now reaching to a point where we need to reach beyond simply focusing on specific industries, technologies, and markets.

Especially with automotive, robotics, health care, and medical industries, big changes are expected to come.
Particularly, electron devices help these industries cope with change.

Hagiwara Electric, as a technology-specific trading company, not only focuses on component supply but also proposes the right electron device solution to meet a wide array of customer needs. We support our customers through partnerships with world leading device manufacturers and experience fostered in hardware and software development, preproduction, and production coupled with our tech center's technological capabilities.

Embedded System Distribution

We propose and achieve the right total solution for our customers from communication industries focused on embedded devices, on-board displays, software development support, and automobiles to transportation infrastructure.

Our electron device business tackles challenges of the new era including environmental safe and appropriate automobile / transportation systems, housing facilities / social infrastructure, offices / production facilities, and so on, with its proven proposal capabilities gained through years of expertise in the electronics industry.

Characteristics of Our Electron Devices

Characteristics of Our Electron Devices

Support through One-Stop Solutions

Electron devices that support social changes face various challenges such as safety, environment, cost reduction, confirming to global standards, and globalization. We have a tech center that forms a group of technology professionals and technically supports our three business operations.
To fulfill our customers' requests, we propose the right solution in the product planning phase and powerfully assist our customers as an one-stop supplier through our combined manufacturing capabilities in all processes of creating devices and solutions from product development to supply, such as design, preproduction, debugging, and delivery.

We also provide state-of-the-art solutions by effectively utilizing our knowledge and technological capabilities accumulated by these three business pillars and keeping close cooperation with our partner companies, while tackling challenges of the new era.

Collaboration with our Tech Center

Through the synergistic combination of technology and knowledge, we will create innovatively new technological strategies and business plans.
A group of technology professionals support Hagiwara Electric's three business operations. We fulfill a multitude of our customer's needs through our electronics technology accumulated over the years.

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Global Operations Division's Initiatives

We engage in global production by leveraging our global network.
With regard to a transition from domestic production to overseas production, we keep close cooperation with our customers to provide services.

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Product Lineup

Hagiwara Electric offers total solutions that encompass active components such as various types of customized microcomputers in tied with the world's leading manufacturers, integrated circuits, transistors, diodes, passive components such as resistors, coils, condensers, and structural components such as connectors, substrates, terminals, and switches.
We also help establish our customers' global presence and provide products manufactured by global companies upon our customers' request.