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Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

We will properly handle personal information we have collected from you in accordance with the privacy policy stipulated by us. Before submitting your inquiry, accept our personal information protection policy.

Privacy Policy


Hagiwara Electric Co.,Ltd. (referred to as "the Company" hereinafter) thinks that it is the Company's fundamental responsibility to recognize the importance of protecting its customers' personal information and to control it in appropriate manner, thereby setting forth below its privacy policy on its web site to deal with its customers' personal information pursuant to this privacy policy.

About Personal Information

Personal information refers to information such as the address, name, phone number, e-mail address, and other descriptions provided by customers via the Company's web site with which each customer can be identified, or information unique to each customer.

About Collecting Personal Information

When collecting personal information from customers via the Company's web site, the Company will, in principle, do so based on their intentions. The Company will use personal information collected from customers to the extent of its intended purposes identified in advance. If customers did not wish to give out personal information to the Company, they can refuse to do so at their own discretion. In such cases, please note that some of the services provided on the company's web site may not be available.

About Intended Purposes of Using Personal Information

The Company shall use personal information provided by its customers to the extent of its intended purposes as set forth below:

  1. when customers agree to its intended purposes;
  2. when the company sends e-mails or mail letters to its customers to inform them about its new products and exhibitions;
  3. when the company contacts its customers about system maintenance of this service;
  4. when the company uses its customers' personal information without being able to identify an individual (due to the nature of statistical documents, questionnaires, etc.);
  5. when the company otherwise recognizes the need for it.

About Disclosing Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company will, in principle, disclose no personal information provided by its customers to any third party except as follows:

  1. when customers agree to its intended purposes;
  2. when the company discloses or provides personal information in its entirety or part of it to third parties (business partners, partner companies, and contractors) to the extent of its intended purposes as described above;
  3. when the company anonymizes its customers' personal information as statistical data in such a way that the data itself does not identify an individual;
  4. when such information is requested or required to be disclosed or provided by law.

Postscript (note): Once customers' personal information has been provided to any third party, such personal information provided to that third party is in possession of the said third party. Both the Company and third party respect their respective personal information protection policies to handle customers' personal information and take no mutual responsibility for the other party's handling such personal information.

About Direct Marketing

The Company may send direct e-mails or mail letters to its customers to the extent of its intended purposes described above. However, customers can stop direct mailing by contacting the Company, if such direct e-mails or mail letters are not necessary.

About Inquiring/Modifying/Deleting Personal Information

In case customers wish to inquire, modify, or delete their personal information they have given out to the Company, please contact the Company by e-mail or come to its inquiry desk. Once the Company has confirmed that the person making that request is its customer himself/herself, his/her personal information will be disclosed, modified, or deleted within reasonable time.

Controlling Personal Information

The Company's web site administrator maintains strict privacy controls to safeguard personal information that its customers have given out to it and takes appropriate measures against the potential risks of any leak, abuse, alternation, and loss of such personal information.
Additionally, when the Company is collecting personal information from its customers, it makes every effort to ensure reasonable and appropriate safety measures to prevent unauthorized third party access.

About the Use of Cookies

The Company's web site may use cookies.

Cookies are small pieces of information which are issued to its customers' computer hard disks from its web server when they visit its web site. While cookies are capable of identifying computers that its customers are using, they are unable to identify an individual. It is possible for customers to configure their web browsers to reject cookies. Note, however, that they may not be able to use the Company' web site properly in that case.

About Safeguarding Personal Information on Linked Web Sites

The Company is unable to take responsibility for safeguarding personal information on web sites linked to its web site. Regarding safeguarding of personal information on linked web sites, the Company requests that its customers check the privacy policies of such linked web sites at their own discretion.

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