We provide IT solutions that help increase our customers' long term corporate value.

This commercial division sells IT devices, embedded devices, and instrument devices and built platforms.
We provide IT solutions from a long-term perspective, based on our technological advancement over the years and latest information provided from our partner companies.

Hagiwara Electric's IT solution division provides experienced solutions especially in IT device sales, embedded devices, instrument devices, and building platforms.
We established our data center in May 2012 and have delivered business results by providing services such as building, providing operational support, maintaining, and ensuring security for various types of systems, as well as proposing cloud application based IT services with our data center serving as the focal point.

Available Services

IT Solution

  • Data Center
  • Cloud Application Service
  • IT Infrastructure

System Solution

  • System Integration
  • Original Package

Product Solution

  • Embedded Platform
  • Embedded Product

Instrument and Factory Automation (FA) Solution

  • Instrument Solution
  • Factory Automation (FA) Solution